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Horses for Lease:

In 1984, the farm began its leasing program as an extension of my lesson program. While it grew, at one time, to 150 horses,  my goal has always be to stay small in order to know our camps and to assure the best service. Now as I reach semi-retirement (ha), the numbers are smaller but the service and quality remain. Fewer horses mean we get to know them all very well. All have names, distinctive personalities and talents. We have both English lesson horses and quiet western trail horses. Our horses are vaccinated, wormed regularly and come with or without tack. Delivery and pick up is included.


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Many of our lease horses stay with us for
several years returning to the same camps where 
they became favorites! These gain a spot on the mikey and helper
coveted "want back pleeeze" list.


During the off season, these horses hang out eating, playing and just being horses here at the farm.  

Some can go out for winter leases. Call us about this option.       

Unfortunately, We can no longer lease horses to individuals. However we always have a varied selection of horses for sale. Much as we would like to keep all these hard working campers, we must sell some.

 Many camp ponies and horses find new owners and new challenges. Some have become successful show horses, event horses and trail horses for families looking for a quiet friend. We even have located horses that will work in vaulting programs!



For information about our leasing programs. call 802-685-3018  email


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